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Buying a big bike without a test ride...

Hey folks, first time poster, so please be gentle. :) I'm in a tough spot. I'm the type of guy that (basically) no LBS stocks bikes for - 6'7", 37.5" inseam, and right now weigh in at around 240#. Some other details: My daily rider is a heavily upgraded 25" 2005 Giant Sedona LX (see profile fo ... Read More »

Starting the Hunt. Need some advice to narrow the test ride list. (long post)

I've been riding a Trek Hybrid for the last 7 years and have been itching for a road bike for the last year or two as I have gotten more serious and am starting to really increase the mileage. I felt that I really compromised when I bought my Trek and went with the hybrid when I should have gone str ... Read More »

Test ride on a Trek Domane 4.0 (and Cannondale Synapse 105)

I started a previous thread on the pro's and con's of a couple of used bikes I was considering as an upgrade to my 2010 Fuji ACR2 Roubaix (bought used from Craigslist about two years ago.) Previous thread [URL="http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?t=329705&referrerid=423654"][COLOR="#00 ... Read More »

Geography Test: The New Mason-Dixon Line

The South shall rise again --- but the affect of trickledown appears to be in the lead. Read More »

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