Aerocat R350 Road Bike

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High Performance Aluminum Alloy road bike. Available with Shimano 105 or SRAM Rival.

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New Lynskey R350 pics - my first build, need some help

I just got my new Lynskey R350 last week. This is my first build, I'm still trying to gather up the parts and figure out what I need. My biggest struggle so far is understanding the correct headset to buy. I'm thinking that after I get most/all of the parts that I may take it to a local co-op and ... Read More »

Trek 1.1 vs. Scattante R350

Hello, I am looking for an entry level road bike, both because of budget restrictions, and because I've never really ridden a road bike before and am looking to get into it for triathlon training. Right now I'm looking at the two mentioned in the title, and I was hoping I could get some recommendat ... Read More »

Neuvation R350 experience?

Just wondering if anyone had any descent experience with Neuvation R350's (little marketed or known wheel maker in S. California with great business philosophy). better skewers and bearings than Aero model. can anyone help?Read More »

any experience with Neuvation R350 wheelset?

Just curious if anyone here has had a set of Neuvation (not well known outside of S. California U.C. / LBS circles) R350's? higher end model from Aero's with better skewer and bearing set...Read More »

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