Aerocat R535 Road Bike

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Product Description

The R535 exemplifies a perfect blend the newest materials and technologies on the market. The internal shifter cabling with entry at the front of the head tube allows for a straight run inside the down tube to minimize cable friction and improve shifting performance. The R535 also features an oversized head tube for improved handling and stiffness, as well as a custom fork and tapered steer tube to match. Improved handling from the cockpit area creates a notable difference in ride performance and allows this bike to corner like it's on rails.

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16 hole aero rim available? rebuild R535's?

I have a rear Shimano wh-r540 that no longer can be repaired...can't find the custom spokes w/washers. Have replaced the set with wh-r560's which seem nice so far. Has anyone rebuilt their 540's with a different rim? Edit: I meant R540's GRead More »

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