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Do we really test XC mountain bike pro racers with any regularity?

Pro road racing has plenty of riders that are getting popped. Their XC mountain bike counter parts seem to rarely make it into the cycling news for testing positive. Could it be that testing in this genre is much lower since the funds are not as available?Read More »

First PSA Test Today

My father died from prostate cancer so I’ve known for a long time that I’m in a higher risk group. Today, at age 41, I’m scheduled to have my first PSA test as part of my annual physical. I know that most men get the test regardless of their family history. I guess it just brings the reality of ... Read More »

101 Year Old Test for 8th Graders

[url=]A 101-Year-Old Test for 8th Graders ?[/url]Read More »

Just finished my Air Force PT test

I had set an high goal of running my mile and a half in the nine minute range. Didn't get there. On the plus side I took two inches off my waist the last year, lost another ten pounds, and still managed a 10:20 mile and a half . Not to bad for turning 45. But I'm going to redo test in April, an ... Read More »

So what is the over under for riders who fail a drug test in TDF?

My guess is 2 and one will be a somewhat big name Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2 Support [url][/url]Read More »

Read More »




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