BeYond Fabrications Think Road Bike

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MSRP : $1700.00

Product Description

  • Blink Carbon 50mm wheels
  • Think Carbon 340g fork
  • Easton carbon bar, stem, seatpost
  • Dura-Ace 10-speed complete group
  • Fizik Arione Ti saddle

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what do you think caused this? and is there a fix?

Carbon rims are about a year old. Rear rim has this gouge in it that I can't explain. It's in line with the brake pads and there is plenty of pad left, no chance of a metal part of the brake shoe contacting the rim. It's about 12mm long and 3 or 4 mm wide. Can I epoxy fill this and then sand it off ... Read More »

Wow, I'm beginning to think I got ripped off

Put in a bid on a load of parts several months ago and forgot about it. Well, they accepted my bid a couple weeks ago. I could not drive to SC to get it so I hired a shipper. My regular guy was booked so I used a new guy. Relatively new in the business, but a husband and wife team, good reference ... Read More »

Think your bike tires have problems?

[url=]14 Terrible Tire Fails That Somehow Rolled Into The Shop -[/url] [IMG][/IMG ... Read More »

Done (I think) with Look Keoblade Carbon Pedals...

The darn squeaking noise is driving me nuts. I've tried many of the suggested tips on how to potentially quiet them down, but none have really worked or lasted. I've had my local mechanic confirm that the squeak was coming from the pedals and not anything else. Although they worked fine initially an ... Read More »

Would A Driver In Your Area Get This Or Think I Was In To A Fetish?

[URL=""]... my birthday is coming.[/URL] [img][/img] [img] ... Read More »

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