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BH Quartz Road Bike

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MSRP : $3999.00

Product Description

The Quartz frame is designed for a wide range of riders, and inspired by the technology of the G6 and Ultralight models. The Quartz balanced performance is ideal for the endurance category. The compact frame geometry and more forgiving layup combine to create the most advanced frame we have ever offered in the endurance road category.

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How Do Quartz Watches Plan As Authentic Time-Keepers?

Blue punch adornment such as the stars glittering, gives humans hope Elegant egg-shaped punch is alarm exhausted connected concise, dejected punch added a agreeable beauty " Stars" of life, abhorrence of temptations to abandon, adorning the authentic essence, alarm exhausted will aswell circuitous ... Read More »

Conversion to Campagnolo 11 and Look Quartz question

guess what would be my next Campagnolo Conversion project ? [IMG]http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll293/Salsa_Lover/Ridley/X-Night/PICT0722.jpg[/IMG] I got this set from a sponsored ex-pro racer that received this set for his Cyclocross Rig. Yes ! it is an original Campagnolo Record 11 ... Read More »

Shimano M225 shoes and LOOK Quartz pedals

I thought I would ask here if anyone is using this combo. I tired the CB Candy SL pedals, but I was getting interference with the sole even after some mods. The cleat will not engage fully. My SP Frogs are very hard to adjust the cleat on these shoes. So I am looking at LOOK. Any issues feedback?Read More »

LOOK Takes Win at Sea Otter on 986 and Quartz

I know this is the road forum, but I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Miguel Martinez on his win at the Sea Otter Classic. After hanging in with the lead group on the first lap, he broke away to finish 3 1/2 minutes ahead of second place. LOOK MTB product manager and MTBR member, Pierr ... Read More »

Quartz pedal cleats....

Okay, I've seen a few pictures and they look like really nice pedals. I like the looks of them too. In the pictures I have seen, it looks a lot like the Time Atac cleat. Anyone know if they are interchangeable? I've time pedals on my mtn and cross bike, but was thinking of giving these a whirl (m ... Read More »

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