BMC Timemachine TM02 Road Bike

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It's simple to summarize what we love about BMC -- the Swiss titan understands that speed is not an acquired taste, it's a right. So, if you're looking for a basket bike to push up the mountain, search elsewhere. But, if you're looking for the marriage of the world's fastest time trial frame, the TM01, and the World's-winning, Tour-winning SLR01, you've come to the right place. The BMC Timemachine TMR01 takes the aero road frame mold, turns it on its head, and then shatters the hell out of it. With unprecedented aerodynamics, an unrivaled rigidity, and the most precise fit in the peloton, the TMR01 is the game changer that you've been waiting for.BMC has broken down the associative speed of frame design to a science. In fact, the philosophy of the TMR01 can be summed up in a formula, Vmax = p2p x suBA. If that doesn't make sense, perhaps this will: 'Maximum Velocity = Position to Perform x Aerodynamics of the Rider and Bike.' In layman's terms, it means 'all of the cool stuff BMC did to this bike makes you go really fast.'The first variable, Position to Perform (P2P), represents the key features newly adapted to the TMR01 design. To maximize efficiency, BMC examined the impact of aerodynamic body positioning on the reduction of drag coefficient, and then accounted for rider comfort for prolonged periods of time in this position. The P2P philosophy is at the heart of the TMR01. Simply put, the more the body can be adjusted, the more that drag can be reduced, and the more comfort that can be found during long time trials. To achieve this, BMC incorporated its 21_21 offset concept. This allows you to position the saddle 21mm forward or backwards to achieve the ideal reach and position.Step two for BMC was mitigating drag on the TMR01 frame itself. Back to the formula; suBA suggests that frame aerodynamics can by maximized by minimizing the front area of the frame through four core features exclusive to the TMR01. The first new feature is the Tear Drop 3:1 frame design. This is in reference to the extreme teardrop shape of the frame that still complies with UCI's mandatory length-to-width ratio of 3:1. TMR01's truncated profile is incorporated into this shape. This profile accounts for the straight break-away edge of the seatstays that reduces airflow turbulence. The truncated profile also reduces raw material requirements to lower frame weight while the break-away edge increases rigidity to the rear triangle of the frame.To further reduce turbulence, BMC went to extreme lengths to integrate system components into the TMR01. The TMR01 utilizes BMC's dual transmission integration (DTI) to be what it calls 'future proof.' This means that, regardless of your possible future choice in electronic shift systems, the TMR01 has an established complete, internal system integration. Further along these lines, you'll notice that both the front and rear brake calipers are completely hidden and integrated within the frame and fork. Perhaps, though, the

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