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  • Every single element of the frame has been analyzed and developed to achieve maximum performance and reduced weight, thanks to brilliant combined use of T700/HM carbon fibers.
  • Pure Racing Geometry and completely internal cable passage, using either a mechanical or an electronic group (Born to be Wired).
  • Steering column 1-1/8” – 1-1/4” designed according to the 60/40 ratio-standard between the down tube and the top tube, for an improved tubes interaction, taking stress off from the down tube, above all, in conditions of high frontal fork strain, as in sudden braking at high speeds. Steering control is significantly improved, also thanks to the slight curvature of the new monocoque fork blades.

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Best way to find source of creak at very high force?

I'm getting a creak sound near the cranks when I'm doing serious climbing. It's once per pedal rev and it's pretty loud. How can I tell if it's the bottom bracket or something else (what?). What's the usual course of action to take here? I'm really at this point only able to do the "bike 101" ... Read More »

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