Cinelli XCR Road Bike

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The crown jewel of Cinelli: our most precious frame, made with the best materials and the highest level of technological quality. XCR is a tube without welding, in biphase stainless steel, for the construction of a light, durable frame.

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Reynolds 953 vs. Columbus XCr stainless steel

Would like to hear your opinions regarding these 2 materials. Also like to see listed are the options of makes regarding each material. Xcr is newer and I'm guessing fewer companies build frames based on them (among them are Cinelli and Firefly) I'm looking to buy a stainless frame in the future, ... Read More »

Cyfac XCR Stainless Steel

Here's a shot of a very shiny new Cyfac XCR stainless steel frameset showing our fillet-brazing finish (as desired by the customer). XCR is Columbus' new steel offering, providing a light, dynamic, and incredibly durable frameset for traditional steel fans and new enthusiasts. Stainless steel does ... Read More »

Quiring XCr Stainless BB30 Build

I guess I'd primarily call myself a mountain bike guy, but I've been wanting to build up a road bike for training, fitness and putting in some miles with some friends. I have worked a couple times with Michigan frame builder [URL=""]Scott Quiring[/URL] in the past, he's ... Read More »

Enigma Columbus Xcr steel

It's been my dream to get a custom steel road for some time and after a lot of research and saving, I ordered this beauty from Enigma based in the UK. The biggest decision I had to make was the colour scheme I wanted. The 'incomplete' paint job does seem a little odd initially but the idea is that ... Read More »

Carl Strong XCr built

I have already posted this in the Serotta forum and ww but Carl really deserves the exposure. It rides fantastic. So here it is, my new Strong stainless steel bike. Total weight: 6.78kg (14.95lbs). The paint is by Joe Bell, this is the first Strong painted by JB. Build details: Carl Strong Col ... Read More »

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