Colnago Prima Road Bike

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Product Description

  • Frame: Prima - alloy/carbon
  • Brake levers: Shimano 105
  • Brakes: Colnago X-Brake two
  • Handlebar: FSA HB-RD-300N
  • Stem: FSA ST-OS-190-LX

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Ardennes vs Rolf Prima Vigors

I need a wheelset (clincher, Campagnolo compatible) for a new Colnago C59. I weigh 160 pounds, I do hilly rides between 60 and 130 kilometers. Up to now I was riding a Wilier Izoard equipped with Easton Ea90SX wheels. I might have been interested in a pair of Neutrons or Shamals, but having owne ... Read More »

shimano dur ace c24 vs rolf prima elan

looking to upgrade, mostly for climbing and centuries. any thoughts on which is better? i would do a tube option.Read More »

Best Rolf Prima clincher for colnago c59

Wondering if anyone has experience pairing Rolf Prima to the c-59. Any recommendations out there in terms of which tire will compliment the bike most. I'm only interested in clincher wheels and no carbon. Weight is under 160. I'm a weekend rider who seeks out hills to climb. Rides vary between 35 to ... Read More »

Rolf Prima Virgo

Just got a deal that I could not pass up on these. My question is, are they strong enough to hold my weight {220} ? I'm planning on putting them on my CAAD 9 ThanksRead More »

Rolf Prima Elan Alpha?

Considering RP Elan Alphas as my next wheel set. Also considering a number of other similar weight-class wheels like the Zen Cyclery Anna Purna [url=]Anna Purna Custom Bicycle Wheels[/url] Have concerns about the Stan's 340 rims ... Read More »

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