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Outer diameter of the seatpost of the De Rosa King 3 RS?

Does anybody know the outer diameter of the integrated seat post of the King 3 RS? The inner should be 29,4 mm ? Are there any alternatives for the (probably italian made topper with the screw) seat mast topper? Thank youRead More »

The new "top di gamma" 2012 De Rosa, King RS

I told you few months ago... [url][/url] and now the new De Rosa frame is ready, hope all De Rosa fans will enjoy this preview form ItalyRead More »

2012 King 3 RS

I recently purchased the 2012 model from De Rosa and found the paint quality a bit rough around the edges. Thinking it was just my particular frame that was a victim of the Friday afternoon rush, I happen to see another one in a shop (second in the country after mine) with the same issues. At first ... Read More »

My De Rosa King 3 RS Custom

Greetings fellow De Rosa fans. I've had my King 3 RS custom for a little over a month now and have managed about 60 hours of riding on it. I decided to go for the De Rosa because, first of all, I liked what I saw and, more importantly, could get what I liked in custom which was important because ... Read More »

King 3 RS Seat post

Anybody know of a replacement seat post that will fit on a king 3? Or know how to get the De Rosa model to stop creaking?Read More »

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