De Rosa Nuovo Classico Road Bike

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Product Description

The essense of the art of framebuilding! De Rosa brings back the classic Italian steel heritage for 2012. Nuovo Classico epitomizes the gentlemen's ride with gorgeous style, function and comfort that is both timeless and elegant. The fascination with steel has remained unchanged over time, despite the arrival of lighter materials. There are still many who understand the true value of this material. The Nuovo Classico frames are produced for them with the same legendary artisan skill and care adopted 50 years ago. These frames are still made with the same technical expertise and elegance that made De Rosa what it is. Classic silver-braised and filed-thin lugs, micro-fusion joint-welding on the finest steel tubing, followed by hand-finishing and attention for every detail make these frames the true legends in the history of cycling. This frame sums up the most long-standing Italian frame-building tradition and De Rosa is the standard bearer.

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