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Bianchi Vintage TT Funny Bike

Licking my wounds a bit here. Wasn't fast enough to pick this up which was sold locally within the hour. So how collectible are things like this? I can't say I see this for sale every day.Read More »

Help identifying vintage Greg Lemond frame

Hi all, Wanted to see if anyone could help identify or provide more info for the pictured frame. [ATTACH=CONFIG]299405[/ATTACH] This is a classic Greg Lemond lugged steel frame/fork. In all the Google/Ebay/bike show searching I've done, I've never seen another one like this. My guess is that it ... Read More »

Vintage Miele Fix or Sell?

I have this Miele bike from the 80's. The tires probably need to be replaced and it needs to be tuned up for sure. I'd like to sell it and get a more comfortable bike for me. Just wondering if I should tune it up or sell as is and let the buyer tune it up? What would a bike like this be worth? Thank ... Read More »

Where to rent a good looking vintage steel bike w trailer in SF Bay Area for Wedding?

Hi all, I'm looking to rent a good looking vintage steel bike with a trailer in the SF Bay Area for my wedding. Ideally near Half Moon Bay or south Bay... something similar (but doesn't have to be exact) to this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]299134[/ATTACH] Are there any good bike shops which would rent thes ... Read More »

Lotus Vintage Bike (good deal?)

Good day everyone, I'm new to this forum but not to biking. However most of my experience has been with newer Hybrid Bikes and now I am looking for my first Road Bike. i found this listing in my area but wanted to know if you guys think it's a bad deal? It's an old Lotus from the 80's, but may ne ... Read More »

Read More »



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