Devinci CX 2 Road Bike

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MSRP : $2400.00

Product Description

  • CX Carbon monocoque frame
  • Carbon Super Leggera fork
  • Wheels: Mavic CXP 22 rims and Shimano 105 hubs

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GT GTR Type CX 2.0 Need Info..Anyone?

[url=]GT GTR Type CX 2.0 - Overweight Code F Restricted[/url] I am looking into this. Any one has this or can comment on the specs and quality, that will be awesome. Thanks. I am looking at this and also the following [url=http://www.perf ... Read More »

Hutchison cx pirana 2 anyone ??

I'm currently using kenda 35m happy med. and I'm thinking of picking up the Pirana for 50 % road 50% fire road training...I'm running my tires " with tubes " Feedback on the Pirana 2 please...Read More »

Colnago CX-2 Specs

I noticed that the specs aren't listed in the Colanago Website. I was actually able to find some spec information in some of the Colnago's retailer websites however. My question is: Are there any component differences between the 2010 and the 2011 models? And does anyone have any opinions concer ... Read More »

My Trek XO 2 - Giant TCX 1 - Merida CX 5 Comparison.....

Due to unforeseen delays in my Ellsworth Roots build I've decided to buy an off the shelf CXer to hold me over for a couple of seasons until hydraulic discs find their way into CX bikes. Below is my specs comparison that others might find useful, from a price to spec perspective the Giant wins hand ... Read More »

CLX (1 & 2) vs. CX-1

Anyone actually ride these two frames and have some input to what they are like.. I like both and once thought the CLX was a subpar frame but I have not been on one. The CX-1 seems to get stellar reviews... but now I see the CLX-2.0 is maybe improved anyway; my particular concern is.... I like ... Read More »

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