Devinci Leo SL Road Bike

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Product Description

Producing race-winning road bikes has been an integral part of the Devinci DNA since the start. From 1987 through today, Devinci’s dedicated team has plowed its skills into engineering a bike of unrivaled potential. Unleashed on the racetrack, those long-range investments have been returned ten-fold in the form of podium stops for the Leo SL. Its success stems from Devinci’s revolutionary Dual Core Fusion (DCF) technology—a marriage of two frame cores that combine speed, stability, and intuition like no other on the planet. All frame aspects are hot-wired in a fully asymmetrical, performance-oriented architecture for superior lateral stiffness and vertical compliance and a race-winning edge.

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Devinci Leo SL

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Devinci 2012 Leo SL frame review?

Can't find any recent, So I am asking , Good?, Bad? Any user here? Since i am not sure if i will and what model, i'm asking about just the frame. ThanksRead More »

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