Diamondback Podium 3 Road Bike

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Made from lightweight DBR custom butted 7005 aluminum the Podium frame features state of the art tube shaping to concentrate material where it is really needed, and remove material were it isn't. The outcome of this process is a frame tha...

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help! Fuji SL-1 Comp v. Diamondback Podium 3

Hey guys, here's the story, I've been trying to buy an entry level road bike for the past couple of weeks - mostly to train for triathlons (looking to do about 60-100 miles of training / week, but rent a tri bike for race day) and if I ever get serious get into longer bike rides. Yesterday, I went ... Read More »

GT GTR Series 3 2012 vs Diamondback Podium 2 2012

Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting my first road bike and I'm limited by my budget of less than $700. My brother told me to increase my budget, but I'm currently unable to do so. So through my search I came across these 2 bikes: The GT gtr Series 3 and the Diamondback Podium 2 both 2012 models. ... Read More »

Used Felt F75 or new DB Podium 3??

I am trying to get back into riding after taking a few years off, and i have the option of buying a used 2007 Felt F75 from a buddy for a very good price. It's been ridden a lot but taken care of well. OR, I can get a real good price on a new Diamondback Podium 2 or 3 for about $250 more than ... Read More »

Podium 2 or 3

Background: I have never been on a road bike other than to go up and down the street. I have been running for the past few years. Looking to start riding and try a few triathlons in the near future. I have ZERO gear, shoes, helmet etc. I see that several people have recently purchased the D ... Read More »

advice on 2011 diamondback podium 3

Ok so I am a begginer when it comes to road bikes, and for all of you who take this very serious I apologize now if I am disrespecting anyone or anything by my posting. I work at Dick's sporting goods as a bike tech, and I get good deals on diamondback bikes. Thus I can afford the diamond back pod ... Read More »

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