Eddy Merckx EMX-525 Road Bike

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Product Description

The Merckx EMX-525 is an exciting new edition for 2013. It takes over where the EMX-7 leaves off and is the new flagship model. It's gorgeous and stiff where it needs to be for both competition and overall comfort. The aerodynamics, offset stays and revolutionary style change make it destined to become a Merckx legend. This year Merckx has taken the carbon to a whole new level and has upgraded the EMX-525 frame to 600GPa carbon fiber and optimized structural reinforcement. Amazingly, this makes the EMX stronger and lighter than ever before. As a testament to the tough Belgian quality, the EMX-series did not have a single frame failure all season with Team Quickstep; this includes training, racing, and crashing in the most demanding bicycle races in the world. The EMX-525 is Merckx's top race frames. It's torsional stiffness, relative compliance and overall performance is unmatched.

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