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Paging blue EXM owners

Have any of you ever found blue handlebar tape that matches the blue accents on the EXM? I've found some that were close, but not close enough. My wife says I'll never find one. I'd like to prove her wrong. Thanks.Read More »

Eddy Merckx EXM-5 vs. Wilier Cento Uno

Anyone able to compare/ride an Eddy Merckx EXM-5 vs. the Wilier Cento Uno? Both appear to use similar carbon.Read More »

New EXM models: Anybody buyin'?

Just noticed that [url]www.eddymerckx.be[/url] has been updated and now heavily focuses on the new EMX-3 and EMX-5. I know most of us here are retro-grouches who praise Eddy for his steel bikes, but I figured I'd see if anyone out there is considering or has already purchased one of these new models ... Read More »

Difference between the AXM and the EXM

I am looking into the AXM and EXM frames. The Merckx web site is rather limited in its discussion of frames. It appears that the materials are the same. What is the primary differences between these current frames?Read More »

Merckx EXM

Does anyone own a Merckx EXM? Am wondering about ride/fit/etc. Thanks in advance. LeeRead More »

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