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New for 2012The Cayo Evo 2.0Takes an enormous leap forwardTransforming into a race ready machine with cutting edgeTechnology.The firstThing you notice isThe Ultegra Di2 gruppo. You may have read aboutThe professionalTeams using Di2 atTheTour de France and every major race inThe world, but now Ultegra Di2 is available at almost halfThe price of Dura-Ace Di2. Enjoy flawless shifting, hassle free maintenance andThe cache of owning a bike withThe latest in cutting edgeTechnology. IfThat weren't enou

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Boardman Road Team vs Focus Culebro SL1.0 / Cayo Evo 3.0 vs Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod

Hi Great forum and advice - am currently deciding between following after having done my research. Any advice from your side on these options? Thanks Boardman Road Team vs Focus Culebro SL1.0 vs Focus Cayo Evo 3.0 vs Cannondale Synapse Hi-ModRead More »

Focus Cayo Evo 3 (2013)

While searching high and low for a new bike to replace my 30lbs MTB convert I found a number of bikes that seemed like they would be good places to start. Though to be honest I have found (and tested) few that have caught my eye. One case that has is the Cayo Evo 3 for a tad under $2100. Is this ... Read More »

Focus Cayo sizing help

Hi, I am looking at buying a focus kayo eve 3.0 (2013) online and wanted some help on size. I am 5ft 5in and three quarters with a leg inseam of 27.5in. For trek bikes I ride a 52cm, so Focus' 51cm would be closest fit. But how do focus bikes fit? Looking at the geometry vs trek's geo it was kind of ... Read More »

Giant defy advanced 1 or focus cayo evo 2.0

Hello I am currently purchasing my second road bike which o am to use for racing and longer rides and I am having trouble deciding between these two bikes. I can can get the focus for roughly $600 dollars less than the giant. Can someone with some experience with one or both of these bikes give me ... Read More »

2012 focus Cayo 3.0 vs 2011 trek Madone 4.5

I have a chance to buy one of these two bikes. The trek has an msrp of $2200 and is being sold at $1649. The focus has an Msrp of $2500 and is being sold for $1899. I have mountain biked for a long time but this is my first road bike. I am looking to ride once or twice a week for fun and fitnes ... Read More »

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