Fondriest R10 Road Bike

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Product Description

  • Carbon monocoque 3k frame
  • Shimano 6700 Ultegra groupset
  • Mavic Aksium wheelset

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R10 rear mech with 13/26, help please...

New Eurus 2ways arrived. Love 'em! Now I'm in the hills and installed a 13/26 chorus cassette. I can't get the top derailleur pully to stop touching the 26 cog. Can anyone help please. I've always run 11-23n which was never a problem.Read More »

From Prince + SR11 to Tarmac SL2 + R10 = actually a good choice.

This is going to seriosly cause some "meh" reactions... I switched from a 09 Prince with SR11 to Tarmac SL2 with R10 and prefer the later. I think it is mostly because I picked a race geometry bike with a fairly small frame, and paid the price with neck and back issues. So I went from ... Read More »

SHIMANO WH R10 valve stem problem??

I got a new Scott S10 about two weeks ago. I have gone on a couple of rides with it and am really loving it. Today when I was checking my tire pressure prior to riding I noticed the rear valve stem does not seem to be at the peak of the V of the rim. Rather the hole for the valve stem is slighly ... Read More »

Read More »



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