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Felt Z85 vs Fuji Sportif 1.3? Which bike?

Hi Guys, Just looking for some advice or opinions. After MTBing for years I have decided to pick up a road bike. I will be entering a few triathlons but also doing a some longer rides and may even enter a London to Paris ride. After lots of research and speaking to a few LBS I have narrowed it dow ... Read More »

Scott speedster 50 or Fuji Sportif 1.5

Hi! I have been away from biking and need some help on two bikes I'm considering, both are 2013 models. Could someone do me a big favor and do a quick compare on these two and tell me if there's much practical difference? I will be recreational riding only, occasional hills. Thanks!Read More »

Fuji Sportif 2.3 New vs. better bike used

I am new to biking and am interested in trying the sport. I am planning on riding around 50 miles per week, mostly for fitness. My price range is around $700, and I recently found a 2014 Fuji Sportif 2.3 for $650. I have a herniated C5 disc, so the bike needs to have more relaxed geometry like th ... Read More »

Giant Defy 5 2014 or Fuji Sportif 1.1 C

Hi, I just decided to jump from my old Nevada Hybrid bike to road cycling. I just basically want to ride faster, not for competition, but for fitness, recreation, speed, and long distance riding. I came up with a selection of two bicycles that are within my budget ($800.00dlls), the [B]Giant Defy ... Read More »

Should I get a Hybrid flatbar Road bike or a MTB or a Fuji Sportif Road Bike?

Trying to decide here. The Sportif 2.3 is a really sweet bike from Fuji and it has a longer stem so it is a bit more friendly to non road bikers now getting into the sport as compared to the roubaix one thats geared more aggressively. But my Commute to work is only 4 miles. And the strap on pedal ... Read More »

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