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tacx satori t1830 v elite volare mag alu trainer

tacx satori t1830 v elite volare mag alu trainer been checking out buying my first trainer and was looking for the pro's and con's of the above trainers.are any of you guys out there using these.they are both getting good reviews but i would like some from real riders as i sometimes think that th ... Read More »

Kenda Volare tubular

Hi, Anyone tried Kenda Volare Tubular ? I'm currently aging some FMB's for next year and would like to mount other tubular in the meantime. I'm currently using tufo jet <160gr and the ride quality is really bad. I'm looking for good quality tubulars preferably with latex chamber that would la ... Read More »

Veltec Volare

Hi! I'm looking for a new pair of wheels in order to replace my old Shimano WH-500. They rode only a little bit more than 10.000 kms/4 years (I basically practise MTB) but the rear one wheel is getting some play and ease to turn untrued. Considering I am not a competitive cyclist that weights ... Read More »

Schwinn Volare anyone?

I had not heard of this particular line, is it something close to a Paramount? For the price these guys are asking ($1400), it had better be pretty nice. It is supposedly NOS, but still.... [url][/url] Anyone have one with pictures they can ... Read More »

FS--->Couple of Vintage Schwinn Bikes, never ridden, Paramount & Volare & Trek

Hi, thought I would share some photo's with you all if interested. As much as I would like to do a maiden voyage on the bikes,they will stay in the Never Ridden catagory for now !! If you would like to see more pictures, let me know 1971 Schwinn Paramount Chrome 1977 Schwinn Volare Orange ... Read More »

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