Giant Revolt Road Bike

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This versatile new machine opens a world of opportunity for adventurous, performance-minded riders. The lightweight ALUXX SL frame features endurance-oriented geometry and plenty of room for large 700 x50c diameter tires-ideal for comfort and control in constantly changing conditions. Disc brakes and a wide, ergo-shaped handlebar with shorter reach and drop also help boost confidence on rough roads. Details include full-length cable housing for smooth shifting performance in bad weather conditions and the X-Defender downtube guard to protect the rider and bike from dirt and debris.

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Revolt 1

I have just purchased a Revolt 1 to use through the winter here in the wet and cold hills of Mid-Wales. It is a very solid bit of kit. Comfortable and smooth rolling on all surfaces. Not particularly light at over 10 kilos with nothing onboard. it is no stallion. Although it won't be winning any r ... Read More »

The REVOLT has started

the debtor revolt that is. Banks and creditors seem to share a common dislike with many consumers that are annoyed by rate increases, late fees, and dropped credit limits, amongst other gripes. Thus, it’s not too surprising that one woman’s call to arms against these companies has beco ... Read More »

"I'm moving to Japan!" or "Americans it's time to revolt!"

This is a model year 2006 from the Bianchi Japan web site. Do I see lugs on this bike? The Japanese are getting all the best bikes. They get Colnagos with chrome forks standard issued, and now this. [URL=""] ... Read More »

OK, who's with me? Stand Up & Revolt !!!

listen here ... it's time for us to make a stand, it's time for us to fight for what's right, it's time we asserted our might and and demanded a change. We are not asking for big things or anything unreasonable but for only what is fair. Who is with me? Who will step up to be counted ??? Who is ... Read More »

So, how goes the revolt...

Happy hispanic revolt day, or whatever they call it. We do have a quite large immigrant population here, however Im quite certain that many of you live in more... diverse areas. I was looking everywhere for signs of the big revolt today. I heard one person call into the radio and say that 10 of h ... Read More »

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