GT Bicycles Inc. GTR 5 Road Bike

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GT GTR 5 Road Bike Start a friendly rivalry. Whether you 8217;re just getting your feet wet in the racing world or building up your skills by attacking your buddies on every climb, the GT-R series bikes have got everything you are looking for. We 8217;ve paired a super smooth aluminum frame with ultra-stiff carbon forks to give you unrivaled handling across the board. Once you 8217;ve gotten the taste of victory over your friends, it 8217;s impossible to go back to anything else. Speed metal ultra: Our light-weight aluminum construction creates a nimble and lightweight machine to get you to the top of the podium, but also a durable, reliable one that can do it over and over again. Hydroform tubing: Hydroformed tubes are reshaped to direct material where it 8217;s needed most, allowing it to exhibit superior strength-to-weight characteristics. Plus, they look good. Tapered head tube: Our forged, tapered head tube affords the same steering response and stiffness without suffe

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2012 GT GTR Series 5 - Good foray into Road Cycling?

I'v been scouring ebay and craigslist for a used Road bike for about 2 weeks now, but the more I look at bikes and go and see them in person, the more I think I might as well just get a brand new bike, with a warranty, and no prior owner who may or may not be lying about the condition/wear. So ... Read More »

what do you think of GT GTR 5 for beginner

[url=]Nashbar - Welcome![/url] is microshift shifters (Microshift forged dual control) b ... Read More »

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