Independent Fabrication Factory Lightweight Road Bike

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Every aspect of this frame has been dialed in to maximize its potential. It may be the lightest frameset we make, depending on the rider-specific tubeset and geometry. The tubing is so thin on this model that we purge the inside of the frame, through a series of drilled holes, to assure the highest quality welds.

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Indy Fab Titanium Factory Lightweight

Has anyone ridden a ti factory lightweight? Anything on the bike would be appreciated. Thanks in advancedRead More »

Independent Fabrication Factory Lightweight

Hi All, I stopped by a LBS yesterday because I had some time to kill and the store owner showed me his bike, which is an Independent Fabrication Lightweight. The bike is a custom bike and doesn't weigh much over 17 lbs. The paint job is amazing! I already have a 07 Trek Madone and an 08 Look 585 ... Read More »

Anyone try the New IF Factory Lightweight

It's a lightweight steel bike. [url][/url] It's suppose to be lighter than ti. I'm very curious about how this bike (material) rides. If anyone knows of a review about this bike, could you please post it? Thanks I did a review on the Ca ... Read More »

IF Factory Lightweight

IF has come out with a new model called: Factory Lightweight Looks very cool: [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

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