Kestrel Talon SL Road Bike

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The Talon SL takes Talon's hyper-engineered refinement to the next level, sharing the Talon's slick shape and road-holding geometry but with a layup schedule optimized for our 800k high-modulus carbon. Talon SL puts the Talon?s razor-honed ride, ruthless

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ROL racing SL vs Hawk Talon SF12

Want to change out my stock wheels on my Tarmac. stuck between the ROL SLs and the Hawk Racing SF12, suddenly a big fan of Hawk having replaced my BB with a Hawk and cant believe the increase speed on bridge/hill climbs. Reside in Florida, mostly flat rides with coastal winds 8-15knts, so any advan ... Read More »

Looking for some clarity on Ketral Talon frames sl vs non-sl vs. Year

I'm looking into a talon road or tri. Depending on year 2008-2011 I've read conflicting information. Sometimes the frame is called out specifically as an SL (older years) yet on newer 2010 models there doesn't seem to be that distinction and all talons use the 800 carbon? Can anyone help?Read More »

Kestrel Talon SL Frame, Damaged out of the box

Hello all, I decided to pick up a new Kestrel Talon SL bike configured with the SRAM Red kit. I received the bike in a timely manner and brought it to my local bike shop for assembly. They put most of it together and when they got to the last part, they unwrapped that area of the frame and found th ... Read More »

09 Kestrel Talon SL vs 09 Trek Madone 5.2 project 1.....

Here's the delima.... My LBS has an 09 Trek Madone 5.2 which they had painted. Awesome looking bike with SRAM Rival components. I can get an awesome deal plus they offered the life time warrenty and they will always take care of my bike. It is a thing of beauty. The problem is it will break t ... Read More »

Kestrel Talon SL Problems

i have the 08 talon SL and had the typical seatpost problems that are pretty common. got the seat post slipping problem fixed and now i have a problem with the seat pointing up or down as the clamp is not holding very well. :mad2: at what point do i warrenty the frame VS deal with the minor Pain ... Read More »

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