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LOOK 986 (VTR/MTB) 2009 painting?!

hi folks, sorry for posting this question in the roadbike thread... :rolleyes: any news/infos about the LOOK 986 2009-edition (mainly the painting...) out there?! thanks and keep on riding, frankyRead More »

quick question > LOOK 986 (mtb/vtr)

Hi folks, I've a quick and urgent question. I will order a pre-customized LOOK 986 MTB by tomorrow (the last one available in germany...). The german dealer told me, that the painting "OFFROAD" is no longer available and the bike/frame will be delivered without this writing. Could anyone here co ... Read More »

LOOK Takes Win at Sea Otter on 986 and Quartz

I know this is the road forum, but I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Miguel Martinez on his win at the Sea Otter Classic. After hanging in with the lead group on the first lap, he broke away to finish 3 1/2 minutes ahead of second place. LOOK MTB product manager and MTBR member, Pierr ... Read More »

look 986

look 986 does anyone know where and when this will be available? price? in usa - thanks - KeythRead More »

Look 986

I know this is the road forum, but I thought some of you may be interested in seeing this. If anyone is going out to Sea Otter this weekend, be sure to stop by and say hi! [B]LOOK 986 - 20.5 lbs.[/B] [B][I]chas@LookUSA[/I][/B]Read More »

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