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Optimum performance and advanced frame technology make the Helix rise above the rest. The Lynskey pioneered Helix tubing technology, with its unique spiral shape, creates a remarkably light, stiff and stable platform. Built around competition geometry for aggressive riding, the frame utilizes a Helix down tube, top tube and seatstays which resist torsional forces and impart excellent stability, precise handling and a power to the pedals that will no doubt remind you why you chose to start riding in the first place.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by John

Date Reviewed: January 27, 2015

Strengths:    Ride quality
Quality of workmanship
Overall appearance

Weaknesses:    Nothing that I can find.

Bottom Line:   
I picked up this frame during the year end clearance sale after asking all sorts of questions to Michael through the instant messenger on the web page. Every time I had one of my picky questions, he had an answer that I couldn't find fault with.
Bought the frame as a "I'll build this up later" type project. Within 3 weeks I broke down and built it up. The frame alone just looked too amazing to just leave for a "some day" project. I stripped down another bike and built it up full Ultegra with an Enve fork and a set of wheels I had. I knew how everything else felt on other bikes. What I was not prepared for was the way that bike handles. I came back from my first ride with a dumb grin that I couldn't shake loose.

Rides like a dream. Accelerates like a bullet. Climbs like a billy goat. And descends like its on rails. Zero high speed shimmy that I have been able to find.

Odd part. I have a 15lb carbon bike that climbs great. This bike is 3 lbs heavier and climbs like its 10lbs lighter. I haven't ridden any of my other road bikes since I got this. And have even sold a couple. Best feeling bike I have ever owned.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Stefano

Date Reviewed: January 26, 2015

Strengths:    Look
Quality of Welding

Weaknesses:    Lack of internale brake cable routing

Bottom Line:   
I bought an XL frame over last christmas sale. I then added my existing Campy Record groupset as well as an Enve Fork 2.0 tapered which is what Lynsey suggests.
In order to ride a Campy groupset in the PF30 bottom bracket, you need a proper adaptor. I chose to use the Praxis BB Adapter for PF30 for $85. Let me detail few points on the build and the ride:
- if you will build the bike yourself you will notice the amazing craftsmanship of the frame. Every little part screams quality.
- the head tube includes this year integrated HS cups hence you will only need tapered bearings. Lynsey has both CC or FSA on sale on their website. Very easy to install the fork and Lynsey can install the crown race for you free of charge
- it has classic external cable routing. very easy to install and maintain
- as I mentioned above this year Lynskey is using PF30 bottom brackets on all their build. Its very important to choose the right adapter to avoid squeaks and clicks. I recommend Praxis adapter. Don't even bother using cups without the middle sleeve.
- in order to avoid galling make sure you use grease and anti-seize generously. I use anti-seize when pressing the BB adapter and on the seatpost. Grease everywhere else.
- there is a lot of confusion about tire clearance. Lynskey changed chainstays specs in 2013 to accomodate modern aero deep wheelsets. There is absolutely no issue now running modern deep-profile rims. I run a 2015 Reynolds Aero 58 which is almost 27mm wide and i have plenty of clearance. Same applies to tires. I run Continental Gran Prix II 700x25 which in reality are 26.2mm and no issue whatsoever.
- modern carbon fork such as Enve, now requires to be cut ABOVE the stem. Do not cut the steerer tube below stem's upper bound as this will not guarantee proper grip of the compression plug. As a consequence, when installing the top cup, you will need a spacer. Enve recommends at least 5mm. I used a 10mm.

- the Helix is labelled as Pro geometry; however as per Lynskey description, the geometry is more relaxed than the R3xx and R4xx series. I can confirm that. The ride is very comfy. Not necessarily too upright, but just right if you looking to do centuries etc.
- I run 40mm spacers cause i wanted to have a more relaxed ergonomics, however given longer head tube, I feel I can drop it safely to 15-20mm.
- great handling of road potholes and grip when cornering. I felt confident to really push my limit. The frame is stiff but maintains the Ti magic feeling. Exactly what i was expecting.

What I would change:
- internal cable routing at least for brake cables.
- decals..they fixed the issue in 2015 with nice metals 3D logos. Great job on that
- braze-on clip for front derailleurs. Makes the overall look cleaner
- they changed the twisted top tube with what they called super tube...I prefer the twisted top tube I hope they will switch back to it in the next models.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Tony G

Date Reviewed: January 25, 2015

Strengths:    Clean build with great welding, light, fast and climbs well. Unique design...I like that.

Weaknesses:    None and getting it at a great, discounted price was even better.

Bottom Line:   
Wanted a Ti bike for some time. Waited patiently and then it happened...Lynskey was having a clear-out and I was the owner of a Helix frame for under $2K in under 2! I purchased the Lynskey carbon fork which is an ENVE fork with Lynskey logos...I wanted that. Built it out with Campy group and Zipps along with Easton cockpit.
The result is a 16 pound missile which is fast and climbs incredibly well...for some reason and it may be the Campy Record groupset, it feels lighter. Its incredibly responsive and the parts are just right for me. Although its stiff there's not as much chatter, maybe the 25s on it help and I keep them at 90 and 100 front and back respectively.
I have carbon and steel bikes...this Ti bike is a great addition to the team...better than I hoped for.
Happy that the Lynskey family got back into building Ti bikes because 2 things are true: First they are experts who deliver a quality product and Second, Made in the USA (even though I am Canadian) can deliver real quality.
Michael at Lynskey was right when he said, after I asked about 'the ride quality"...he said..."Strap in"...he wasn't kidding!
Thanks Lynskey!

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Ben

Date Reviewed: December 11, 2014

Strengths:    Light, stiff, comfortable, and gorgeous

Weaknesses:    Decals on top tube easy to scuff due to twisted Helix tube. Just be careful when putting on a rack.

Bottom Line:   
I have a 2012 Obea Orca Gold (very fast, but very stiff) and a 2007 Litespeed Teramo (very comfortable but heavy and sluggish in the mountains). Was looking for something fast like the Orca but more comfortable. I have to say I think I have found the perfect bike. Geometry is nearly identical to the Orca so I was easily able to build it to the same riding position. Bike rides fantastic. You still have the smooth Ti feel but the responsiveness in the mountains is there. Out of the saddle response is instant, no give in the BB area. Have not taken it on a century yet but expect it will be my go to bike for long days in the saddle.

The Litespeed has been given to my son and the Orca is hanging on the wall. I have not forgotten her but I seem to keep grabbing the Helix on my morning rides.

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Bike Setup:   Helix with satin finish. SRAM Red, American Classic Sprint 350 wheelset,

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Dave a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: April 21, 2014

Strengths:    Craftsmanship is second to none. Perfect welds by artists.

Weaknesses:    None!

Bottom Line:   
My "dream bike" Lynskey Helix is not only a work of art, but so much fun to ride! Clearly it is built to go fast, but the motor is still improving. I am strictly a recreational rider but after seeing a Helix frame knew it was for me. We bought the frame and fork from Lynskey, and set it up with Shimano Ultegra 6800, eleven speed compact group set. The wheels are Shimano Ultegra, as well. We used a Thompson seat post for a bit of flexibility and durability. The one upgrade we did was put a Dura Ace crankset for more stiffness. I have only had my Helix for about 1600 miles but cannot find a thing about it I do not love. Yes, it was expensive, but it is my dream bike and is worth every penny, uh, dollar! Thank you David Lynskey for crafting such a wonderful work of cycling art.

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