Marinoni USA Fusion 2 Road Bike

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Product Description

  • T700 HM carbon tubing with steel lugs
  • UTC carbon rear
  • BSC bottom bracket
  • T700 carbon monocoque construction
  • 1-1/8" steerer

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Fusion 2 v. Fusion 3 tubeless

I've mounted at least three pair of Fusion 2 tubeless tires on DA wheels. Although it can be tough, it's doable. I recently purchased a set of Fusion 3 tires and I simply cannot mount them. I've used soapy water on the rim and bead to no avail. Has anyone else experienced the same? Any suggesti ... Read More »

tire recomendation similar to hutch fusion 2

getting new set of wheels and need new set of tires for it (current tires are in decent shape, but don't know if they would make it rest of the season). currently using the hutchinson fusion 2 700x23 tire. i've been very happy with the wear, durability, and puncture resistance (knock on wood, no f ... Read More »

Hutchinson Fusion 2 ULTRA

I just got suckered into a pair of these on Bonktown (20 bucks!). I know the Fusion 2's are decent, if not spectacular, but I don't know anything about the ULTRAS. Does anyone know what makes these tires ULTRA?Read More »

Hutchenson Fusion 2 Clincher Question

Kind of an odd question maybe but I thought I'd ask. I just replaced my original tires with the Hutchenson Fusion 2 after a recommendation from the LBS. I was gonna go with the Conti 4000's but opted for the Hutchensons. I mounted them up on my Bontranger Race Lite wheels and went to go for a nic ... Read More »

Fusion 2 Tubeless--have they removed the Kevlar?

I'm a little suspicious of my recent fusion 2 tubeless tires and those of others I ride with. I'm seeing far more punctures and tears than I did in the early days. I've gone to their website and find no mention of Kevlar/aramid anymore. Kevlar is key to puncture resistance. I have an old Fusio ... Read More »

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