Marinoni USA Fusion Road Bike

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Classic, extremely light, stiff and very comfortable, the FUSION is on the cutting edge of technology and is the result of Cycles Marinoni Inc.'s renowned expertise in working with traditional materials and new technology. Custom designed with carbon fiber tubes and titanium lugs, it optimizes the performance properties of both materials. The FUSION dampens the roughest of roads and springs to life on the steepest of climbs.

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Back Fusion and still riding any one?

I would like to get some help and shared experiences from some of you who have had back issues. I am 55 fairly good shape and ride quite often. (did 2900 road miles last year). I developed back issues over the last several years. Was diagnosed with severely bulging disc at the end of 2013 and had ... Read More »

Hutchinson Fusion 3 25mm Tubeless Failures

Having received no response from Hutchinson regarding the failures of their product, I post my experience here, hoping that others may benefit from the information. I purchased three sets of Fusion 3 25mm tires. One set for my wife's bike on May 14, one set for my bike on May 20th, and a replace ... Read More »

Velocity Fusion 700C MSW HALO 32 hole source?

Is there a source for these apart from the Velocity USA website at full MSRP? I can find the Deep-V HALO on-line for under $100 but Google doesn't reveal a HALO Fusion source.Read More »

hutchinson fusion 3 tubeless 700x25 measured width

I got a pair of the Hutchinson Fusion 3 700x25s from Velo Mine. I mounted them on my American Classic 2218 rims. The rims are 17.8mm inner width/22.2mm outer width. The tires measured 26.00mm width after about 2 hours inflated to 90psi. I also measured my old/used Hutchinsons on the A/Cs. Fusion ... Read More »

Hutchinson Fusion Tubeless 700x25 availability?

Anyone know when these will become available? Since the Intensive 25c tires are actually narrower than the Fusion 23's I am hoping the Fusion 25's will be more true to size. I love my Secteurs but they have very little clearance in my rear triangle. TIA.Read More »

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