Marinoni USA Genius Road Bike

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Product Description

The Marinoni Genius is assembled around the 2013 Genius frame from italian manufacturer Columbus. Light weight (850g., M size), modern technical specifications and compatibility with EPS and Di2 electronic groupsets all caracterize the Genius. It is available in 6 sizes to ensure an optimum fit. The Genius has a very modern and agressive look and is exclusively offered in mat black / glossy black with red accents. Because of its predetermined paint design and color, the Genius will be available in a very short production time, while still offering the same components and wheels personalization possibilities of all other Marinoni bicycles.

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True Genius...or just redneck

I saw this today and had to laugh. I love it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]272170[/ATTACH]Read More »

How to repair my Sidi Genius 5.5s?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum... Background: I sweat like a mofo... When I went to replace my cleats, the cleat screws were fused. I had to get one of those screw extractors to remove the screws. The problem, I have one foot bed where two of "nuts" have stripped threads, and I'm not ab ... Read More »

Bob Ross was a genius with a brush

Seeing him on Youtube brings tears to my eyes. Man, was he good.Read More »

Sidi Genius 6.6 mega with speedplay

anyone use speedplay with sidi genius 6.6 carbon light- Im a newbie and want to use speedplay but these are the only shoes I can find that fit- the speedplay version of the shoe does not come in mega- is there a disadvantage to use an adapter ? I know from reading on this forum that there will be ... Read More »

Sidi Genius Pro 5 vs Giro Factor

I'm in the market for some new cycling shoes and can't decide between these two. Besides the fit which I understand is key, which of these is the better shoe? Base the decision on technology, stiffness, weight, value, etc... need your input!Read More »

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