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Worlds Squadra from downunda

Can anyone see Renshaw pulling on the rainbow stripes? Or will be the victorious favorite?Read More »

Bianchi Squadra Bottom Bracket Questions

I think I need a 70mm bottom bracket for this bike. But wanted to get your guys opinions. The bike: [URL=""][/URL] Tubing type: [URL=""][/URL] Made in Italy: [URL=""][/URL] Bottom Bracket stampings: [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL] I think the BB shell measures 70mm but my tape is a little wo ... Read More »

Any experience with Novara Squadra?

Hi, I am contemplating purchasing an REI brand Novara Squadra and i was wondering if anyone has any experience with one? For the money it seems to be a VERY good deal, especially taking into account the 20% off discount. Full carbon fibre frame Sram Rival Grupo FSA stem, seatpost, wheels, etc. ... Read More »

Concorde PDM Squadra

Came across a pristine NOS Concorde team PDM replica in LBS. Guess about '89 or '90 vintage with very nice Columbus tubing -- chrome fork and stays, nice horizontal dropouts. Currently it's built up with low end road shtuff. My questions to you knowledgeable ones: What would you expect to pay ... Read More »

Replacement for Squadra HDP

As my earlier post today notes, I am upgrading my 1996 Eddy Merckx Corsa 01. Does anyone have a source for NOS Squadra HDP saddles w/titanium rails? OR I am open to some recommendations for newer stuff which might be in the same idea. My final idea is to make a decision between a Rolls and a R ... Read More »

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