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  • Frame: Ride EQ-Single

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Recovery day ride

On average, how many miles and elevation gained is your recovery day ride?Read More »

Rate my ride today

So today was my first real 60 miler today. left at 1:30, did half the ride by 3:15, took an hr stopped for a powerbar LOL. left at 4:15, finished ride by 6:20 [ATTACH=CONFIG]301153[/ATTACH] It was a great dayRead More »

Not only do they ride without helmets, but also protest against stopping on red

[video=youtube;QoH8ZWszMwM][/video]Read More »

Dual events. Ride and run

I just signed up for a new to me type event where it's a 2 mile run/10 mile ride/ 2 mile run. I m not sure how the event goes and was hoping for some advice. I normally ride clipless , so is it worth trying to change shoes during the event or just use my running shoes? My pedals have a platf ... Read More »

Anyone make the knot their weekly go-to ride.

I've been doing Blauvelt around once a week all year. I think it's awesome with two great approaches in my book, Clausland, Tweed to Bradley or Tweed to Bradley. Of course some do a real knot and hit it all four ways. Anyone as drawn to this area as me for cycling?Read More »

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