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  • Frame: alloy 6061 olmo project - movimento bsa

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The U.S. Deep State

Sometimes articles and books like these are themselves only smoke, designed to mask the crimes and thus protect the criminals. This one, however, at least admits that things are not as we're told. What's disappointing is its apparent failure to link JFK (and Lincoln)'s assassinations with their at ... Read More »

Presta valve closed inside deep wheel - what to do?

So I didn't get the presta valve cranked open hard enough and it must have vibrated closed, no air will go in. I tried pushing the valve open with small piece of wire, no dice. I have valve extenders on 48mm valve tubes on 81mm carbon wheels. Are there any tricks to opening the valve in there o ... Read More »

New BHS C31w (31mm-deep / 24mm-wide) rim

I just saw that Brandon is stocking a new rim. There's been some discussion of this over on WW, but wondering if anyone here has built these up yet. [url=http://www.bikehubstore.com/category-s/208.htm]NEW! BHS C31w Clincher[/url] I'm planning to order a set to build for a friend to use for ev ... Read More »

Anybody knows a Colnago dealer with56cm Master on deep discount?

I want to get a steel frame Colnago but gosh, they are expensive. My Cervelo was a NOS and steeply discounted, so I am hoping lightning will strike twice. I am in Sacramento Ca/SF Bay. Thanks!Read More »

Wobble - Velocity Deep V's

I recently bought a set of Velocity Deep V's. Put on bike last night. Rear wheel is very true but when I was spinning wheel to check shifting on the stand I noticed the bike seemed like it wobbled a lot compare to what my old wheel did. What would the cause for this be. Hope to get out and ride af ... Read More »

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