Olmo Deep Road Bike

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  • Frame: alloy 6061 olmo project - movimento bsa

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How deep is your love?

I never liked that song. It has it artistic and song composition merrits for sure. Yet, I still don't like it. The BeeGees were popular and all that, just not to me. Yet, I heard it on the radio as I was driving yesterday. I was driving on a windy road and did not want to take my hand off the wh ... Read More »

Lightweight, deep aluminum rims

I'm looking for a rim to build a new wheelset to. Must be: Light, less than 500g Deep, 40mm or greater Wide, 21mm or wider Aluminum brake track (I don't care if its carbon faired) Does such a thing exist? Is something like that already in a factory wheelset? If not I need to decide if I ... Read More »

Is this Stem cracked or is it a defect or deep scratch?

I was just inspecting my bike and saw this on my stem. Hard for me to tell if its just starting to crack or what. If I run my nail along it i feel a little groove. Its an aluminum stem on my jamis ventura sport. I was inspecting it because I am going on a few long rides this weekend away from h ... Read More »

Looking for deep rim clincher recommendations

My rear Zipp 404 clincher finally bit the dust - busted the rim in a pothole! Zipp won't repair because the wheelset is over 5 years old, and they've made it very difficult to get ahold of their rims to take to 3rd party wheel builders. I love the smooth ride of my Zipp 404s, but I don't want to ... Read More »

Looking for alloy 23mm wide 30+mm deep

I'd like some zipp 101s but don't feel like paying a grand. What are my options for a light, durable 23mm wide, 30mm deep (or deeper) aluminum clincher? Somewhere in the $500 range. I was looking at the 3T Accelero 40 Pro, but they weigh a ton. I'm also not crazy about doing a custom build.Read More »

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