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  • Frame: carbon monoscocca ud movimento centrale bb-86

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USA PRO cycling Tour Tracker Link LIVE NOW

[url=http://radioshacktourtracker.usaprocyclingchallenge.com]USA Pro Cycling Challenge RadioShack Tour Tracker[/url] LOOKS LIKE THE SITE is ACTIVE. CURRENTLY ON ...Read More »

Chain Stick Problems With Pro Link Lube?

Hi, Hi, Having heard good reports concerning Pro Link Chain Lube I made the switch last year. Initially all went well and I found the product lived up to its stellar reputation. Alas I recently ran into a very perplexing problem with the lube that I need your help with. Last fall I lubrica ... Read More »

Pro Link versus White Lightning

I read a thread here at one point that sang the praises of prolink so I got some and am using it as my chain lube. However, a couple of the folks I have been riding with and a repair guy at the bike shop both recommended white lightning. They commented that it works great and that it was less pron ... Read More »

Pro Cycling link is now back on top

back on top... with no most recent thread. It's still at the bottom of the page too. It's on the home page now too, btw. Spoilers still allowed. Yes, I am a genius. The rest day yesterday allowed me extra sleep and I dreamt of the solution. , fcRead More »

How long will 4 oz. of Pro Link chain lube last?

In other words, how many chain lubes can you expect to get out of one container? With shipping, I can get one for about $12 from Performance, or three for about $20: [url]http://www.performancebike.com/shop/cboProfile.cfm?SKU=16734&Store=Bike&CFID=11878985&CFTOKEN=62868306[/url] Three is ob ... Read More »

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