Parlee Cycles Z2 Road Bike

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Product Description

The Parlee Z2 is a comprimise between their award winning Z3, and flagship Z1; providing the same horizontal top tube and front end as the Z1, and the wishbone seat stays of the Z3. This assures a frame that is equally responsive to the Z3, with similar handling and tendencies of a Z1. This is a great bike for someone who wants a bike that will perform perfectly in any venue. Criterium, road race, climbing, descending; no matter the task, the Z2 will respond with enthusiasm and grace.

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Good Deal? 2011 Z2 ($2600) vs 2012 Felt Z3 ($2900)

Hey there.. quick question thanks in advance Does the Felt Z3 2012 have the newer Shimano Di2 system - new wiring system though it's Ultegra? The 2011 Z2 has the 7970 Di2 is Dura-Ace but older system. I'm debating between a 2011 Z2 Di2 used, about 3k miles but in great condition vs. 2012 Felt Z3 D ... Read More »

2011 Z2 DuraAceDi2 vs 2014/15 Z3/4

HI all, I'm upgrading my Cannondale to a carbon, and really liked the 'endurance' feel of the 2014 Z4 I tried in my LBS. It was more upright and comfortable and the carbon was great to ride on. My price range is about $2-2500 but also have to deal with 8.8% NYC tax. The 2014 Z4 was $1780 includ ... Read More »

Sharing my new 2013 Felt Z2 / Experience

Hey all, Just wanted to show off my new rig and share some of my experience over the last month and half. I started looking about 2 months ago for a new bike and was looking for the more relaxed "gran fondo" style geometry. I set my budget at $4000 and decided early on that I wanted electroni ... Read More »

Felt Z2

I ride to and from work about 40 miles per day (4 days/week) and I do a longer ride on the weekends - usually about 50 - 60 miles. I average about 200 miles or so per week. I am considering the Felt Z2 with electronic Dura Ace. I currently ride a Look 595 and am happy with it, but I'm looking f ... Read More »

Help: Looking for 2011 Felt Z2/Z3/Z4/Z5 OEM saddle

I have a 2011 Felt Z5 and fit the OEM saddle extremely well. I have tried to find this saddle by contacting Felt as well as calling a bunch of bike stores who carry Felt bikes but have had zero luck. My last chance is to find the owners of these bikes who have hated these OEM saddles and potenti ... Read More »

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