Pinarello Dogma K Road Bike

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Product Description

The new DogmaK 60.1 frame was created in collaboration with the Sky Pro Cycling team to confront the northern Classics. This brand new project exploits all the extraordinary technologies introduced with the Dogma 60.1. The frame has asymmetric sections to support the different stresses that occour during the pedal strokes. The most important differences between DogmaK and Dogma 60.1 frame include the seat angle with an inclination of approximately one degree less, the reduced steering angle that varies from 0.5 degrees of difference on the smaller frames to 1.5 degrees on the larger frames. The seat stay is slimmer, a special curvature was used for the stays, and the classic Onda monostay has been abandoned. The spaces for the wheel passage have been broadened in order to mount tires of larger diameter in the event of diffificult terrains. These geometries were applied in view of the particular characteristics of the Paris-Roubaix. Lengthened pitch means less vertical stiffness and greater absorption capacity on bumpy stretches, though without affecting the characteristics of lateral stiffness of the bike essential for responding to sprints and shifting on curves, especially on the paved stretches. DogmaK is available in 8 sizes.

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Dogma K anyone?

Well been wanting to put a Pinarello together so found what is suppose to be a new frame that is "real" so we will see in a few weeks when it arrives. Anyone here riding one? [ATTACH=CONFIG]297725[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]297726[/ATTACH]Read More »

Does Anyone in US Own a Dogma K?

I have my heart set on a Dogma K, but it appears the only way to purchase one is to get it from a European supplier or fly to Europe and buy it and bring it home. My question: Does anyone in the States own one? If so, I would be interested to hear how you purchased it. I am 52 with some hist ... Read More »

Dogma vs. Kobh or Dogma K

I am ready to take the plunge on my first Pinarello, but I want to know the difference in ride between a Dogma 65.1 and a Kobh (or Dogma K). I currently ride a Look 595. The bike is about 4 years old and has 25,000 miles on it. I now ride about 175 miles per week, with an occassional long rid ... Read More »

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