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SRAM Red FP7 and Zipp Firecrest

All, Any frame fit issues with this combination? Any photos much appreciated. Cheers,Read More »

Thoughts on worth of 2010 FP7 Frameset

I just got a Dogma :) and now have an FP7 frameset that I will be selling and wasn't sure what would be a good asking price for it. Since Pinarello doesnt sell it as a frameset I don't have a good gauge so your input is appreciated.Read More »

I'm in the market for FP3 or FP7...where to buy 4 best Price.

Where to buy for best Price for FP3 or FP7 online and/or store. I'm in Washington don't want to buy it here and have to pay 10% sales tax :(Read More »

Cannondale SuperSix vs. Pinarello FP7

I'm looking to purchase a new carbon frame (complete setup), right now I'm on a Cannondale CAAD 9 which is a 60cm frame with Shimano components. I'm 6'3" and weigh 195lbs; I mostly ride by myself, mainly on the flats (I live out in the High Desert and some of the roads aren't the greatest) and when ... Read More »

Parlee Z4 vs. Pinarello FP7

Hi all. I am thinking about getting a new (lighter) bike for some harder rides this year that involve a lot of climbing. I have been told by a trusted friend and bike shop owner that a Parlee Z4 or the Pinarello FP7 would make great bike for me. The bike of choice will be built with Campy Chorus com ... Read More »

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