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6Al-4V Titanium Road Bike 6Al-4V titanium and its sibling 3Al-2.5V titanium alloy has many similarities, including density, strength, corrosion resistance, durability, comfort, and…”good looking”. But, of course, they still differ a lot. One of the major differences is tensile strength. 6-4 has 30% higher tensile strength than 3-2.5 titanium. It makes 6-4 titanium eligible to make thinner and lighter tubes while keeping stiffness.

The other difference is how the tubes are made. In the bike industry, 3-2.5 titanium tubes are seamless. Seamless 6-4 titanium alloy tube, on the other hand, is hard to find, and expensive. Therefore, instead of seamless, we made the tubes by welding it spirally. Spiral welding spreads the stress more evenly throughout the tube. Therefore, it is theoretically stronger than the tube made by line (straight) welding. And the weld is guaranteed to be stronger than the material itself.

Rikulau is honored to be the first Taiwanese brand to own a 6Al-4V titanium product. Moreover, the tubes are made in Taiwan. Never before has Taiwan made a 6Al-4V titanium alloy tube. However, having the first generation product is just the beginning. We will continue to pursue stronger and lighter products to make the most of this material.

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Attention Phoenix Cyclists

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