Schwinn Prelude Road Bike

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  • Schwinn Aluminum Drop Bar Road frame for a quick and responsive ride

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Concorde Prelude 570

Hello there fellows! I bought an older road bike from Holland recently, a Concorde prelude 570, with easton vista sl wheels and campagnolo centaur. Carbon forks, aluminium frame. Nice ride. I reckon is cca 2009 or so. About 8kg. I can't find any info on this new iteration of the older Concorde stee ... Read More »

88 Schwinn Prelude - WELCOME

I just posted in earlier in the wrong spot so hopefully it gets deleted: Well I have been riding bikes for years but recently bought a 1988 (ish) schwinn prelude for $85. I've been doing a little reading and apparently I got this bike for a really good price... Is this true? I ordered my "Big ... Read More »

Solvang Prelude 11/5/2011

Any one here participating in this? It is a cool little 3 day weekend for the GF and I every year.Read More »

Schwinn Prelude, What Year???

I just scored on a Schwinn Prelude for little or nothing.. Not sure of the year though. It appears to be my size(58 to 60cm), and I need a beater!! :D She has a bent rear rim.. Can anybody tell me what year Schwinn Prelude this is... [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Solvang Prelude

Anyone hear attending this on November 5th? I will be there with a group of friends doing the metric century.Read More »

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