Seven Cycles Resolute SLX Road Bike

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Product Description

The Resolute SLX pays tribute to more than a century of steel framemaking, but exists as a modern statement of how far microalloys and frame construction have evolved. With classic lines and full customization, the Resolute SLX offers our most affordable custom road option.

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Deciding between a Resolute SLX and Axiom S..Looking for Feedback

I am somewhat torn on what to get. I have a limited budget and want a few things 1) I want a painted bike - a tad custom look 2) I want a bike that's comfortable on rough roads and long rides 3) I want to run a tapered headtube/fork I do not have much experience with titanium but have had a few st ... Read More »

NEW Seven Resolute SLX

Sadly it is not mine. My friend just built this up and we went out on the maiden voyage today. The welds are immaculate. The rear triangle is a thing of beauty. The bike feels responsive and a bit plush. The contrast between his build and mine are interesting. I can feel the "steel" feeling o ... Read More »

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