Specialized Secteur Elite Road Bike

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Secteur Elite is new for 2010. The geometry mimics the Roubaix, however the frame is aluminum with a carbon fork (with Zertz insert). Secteur Elite features Shimano 105 drivetrain & levers with Tektro brakes. Wheels are Mavic CXP-22 N wrapped with Specialized All-Condition Pro II tires.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Xavier a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: September 5, 2014

Strengths:    - Comfortable Geometry, absorbs the bumps and impurities in the road nicely
- My 2014 Elite has Disc Brakes which allows a wider array of tire widths to be used
- Once again this baby can be ridden for hours on end with barely any physical pain that I used to experience with my Cannondale

Weaknesses:    -Bike is a little weighty but is to be expected with an aluminum frame
-Avid BB5 Disc brakes are a PITA to get the adjustment on point
-FSA Crank and square taper bottom bracket which I switched out for an Ultegra 6700 BB and Crankset and it lightened it up!
-Not as responsive under acceleration and climbing as my Cannondale but the comfort is worth the trade-off

Bottom Line:   
I am so pleased with this bike I figured I had to leave a review here for anyone who is considering this bicycle. Sadly it will only be available in limited models for 2015 and is being taken over by the Diverge for 2015. But looking at the specs between the 2014 Secteur and the 2015 Diverge they look nearly identical!

Before settling on the Secteur I was looking at the Roubaix, TriCross, Trek Domane, Giant Defy and the Cannondale Synapse! I didn't have the money for carbon so I knew that Aluminum was going to be the best bet! After trying all of the above bikes I liked the Roubaix best but wanted something between the Roubaix and the TriCross. Fortunately the Secteur fit the bill perfectly between both models!

As for the 2014 Secteur Elite Disc - I was looking for something that had a comfort minded geometry so that I didn't feel beat up after long rides in the saddle. I previously owned a Cannondale CAAD5 before this and the pain to my neck, back and shoulders after a long ride was unbearable...After all it was a race bike but still! Mind you I am under 30 years old but I can tell you the Secteur does not disappoint in that department. Whereas my Cannondale would jolt my body under any bumps in the tarmac the Secteur smooths those bumps out where they just feel like mild undulations in the road! The bike looks great and the Disc brakes while flimsy to adjust work well in all weather conditions including bombing down mountain passes!

While the bicycle is comfortable and the engineering behind the Secteur does an excellent job of smoothing out the bumps with it's Zertz inserts, bowed seat stays, and bowed top tube... it still has just a couple of things that could be improved on future models. For one (and maybe this is because of the Cannondale I rode before) it doesn't feel as snappy and reactive on climbs and out of the saddle. This may very well be due to the frame weight and geometry. And secondly the FSA square taper bottom bracket and crank add a lot of weight to the frame. Switch it out for an Ultegra 6700 and you will notice an immediate improvement to the weight and overall feel of the bike while cranking away. Another slight gripe is on descents the taller head tube makes the bike handling a little iffy on descents and tight switch backs which can make your confidence a little hesitant when bombing downhill! Lastly the mechanical disc brakes are a little annoying to setup but once dialed in work nicely!

Besides that I really have absolutely ZERO COMPLAINTS - the grey and yellow paint scheme on mine is gorgeous and it performs exactly how I want it to even if there are a couple gripes that my Cannondale had that this one doesn't. But as in life there will always be trade-off's for comfort and performance! I would suggest this bike if your looking for something that is the Swiss army of bikes and can handle anything you throw at it with ease! Gravel, Dirt, Tarmac, Rain and Snow this Secteur does it all and more!

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Favorite Ride:   Secteur Elite

Price Paid:    $1200.00

Purchased At:   Bikes Direct Denver

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Michael ODonnell a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: December 28, 2012

Strengths:    "Endurance" frame geometry, SRAM shifters, good saddle, handle bars tall position with reversed head tube setting, tough wheels and tough shock absorbent frame

Weaknesses:    Initially, on my first ride the bike felt a little Darty in the steering, but that was a matter of getting used to the new geometry now a non issue, brakes are just OK, SRAM big chain ring switch requires "soft pedal" to get the chain over quick to the smaller cogs this SRAM set apparently does not like to shift under load, does not effect the rear only the front

Bottom Line:   
I waited way to long to buy this bike. I have a chromolly Specialized Sirrus from early 90s with Shimano 105. I still like that bike, but after tens of thousands of miles it was time to retire that bike. I spent time in Hawaii where I mountain biked a lot. Moved back to Florida and was looking at hybrids, when I came across Secteur concept in a bike magazine. I like the idea of a fast bike with comfort built into an endurance geometry, all this means is there is less weight on handle bars and your hands are more level with shoulders instead of a lean forward set up like most road bikes have. So does this Endurnace thing work? Yes, it is amazing, it will reduce fatigue and greatly extend your ride with significantly
Ess pain and fatigue. Sounds too good to be true trust me this is an example of egineering that really works well. If you race its not going to be something you will want or appreciate, for the other 99% this ride is a game changer. This bike doubled my endurance for road rides. First ride, I added 25 miles without any significant fatigue, where you would normallynstop and turn around you still feel good and canjust keep going, and going, you will laught when it happens, it is that good. It requires so little effort to ride, I almost feel like I will slow down from my old heavy road bike because there is so much less effort being used to ride. What I realized later is that my riding speed went from 16-18 to 19-21 average and 29.7 max with a good stiff tail wind was easy. This bike offers a huge performance improvement for me ( pun intended) the only bikes that pass me now are carbon aero set ups (racers in training) everyone else just tries to keep up. The bike has one more incredible advantage, acceleration on this bike is just incredible. You, can stay with cars stop light to stop light, not that I am a courier, but this would make a good courier bike just for the acceleration factor, the tight SRAM gearing also compliments this aspect of the bike.
The way this attribute manifests itself to me is, no matter how fast you spin up if you need to get more out of it it is always there, up hills etc. It handles corners with sharp and quick handling. A lot more like a mountain bike than a road bike, that is a good thing, because it is quick and sharp in steering responses. You do sit up higher, and in heavy wind you will feel that drag in heavy head winds, but you will still be faster than an older steel bike with old race geometry. I live in Florida and ride long flat rides usually along the Atlantic Ocean. This frame can ride 20 mph on the sidewalk, slip down a sidewalk cut out into the paved soak up all the small road imperfections and sidewalk cracks with no frame buzzing or worries you rim will fold up, like it would on a high end road race bike. Where the good stuff happens on this bike is when have a tail wind and new black top without any imperfections this bike is Nirvana, you can't even hear it, quiet, fast bliss.... Did I mention I waited too long to treat myself to this wonder? The only person I race is myself, I am a lone rider, and I just got a lot faster and can ride a lot farther. I want to extend my personal thanks to the Specialized team for making this fine machine, I am 47, 179 lbs, I had the bike fitted to me when purchased all stock at present have 250 miles on it after 2 weeks.

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Favorite Ride:   Jupiter Island, Palm Beach, Poli Poli Trail Maui

Price Paid:    $750.00

Purchased At:   Bike USA

Similar Products Used:   Specialized Sirrus, Specialized Rock Hopper

Bike Setup:   The bike is set for comfort , higher hand position, after flipping the position of the bars

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by TRob

Date Reviewed: October 10, 2012

Strengths:    Excellent value for the money. Great transition bike from hybrid to road. Comfortable on century rides (with the right saddle).
SRAM groupo!

Weaknesses:    Aluminum frame = jolting ride over bumps. But that's why it's a great value for the money.

Bottom Line:   
I bought my 2010 Spec. Sec. Elite at the end of 2010 to save some bucks. I had been riding a Cannondale H300 hybrid for 14 years and wanted to get back into road cycling. This was the perfect bike for that! I swapped the original saddle almost immediately with my hybrid. That worked for about 6 months. But then I started to really improve in speed and distance and the saddle just didn't cut it after 40 miles. I put on an ISM Adamo Century XL saddle and could easily do metric centuries (63 miles). Changed the tires after year 1 to Continental GP4000's and ended the continual flatting problem. I've been riding with a local club every weekend and now 3 times a week and can pull on their 22mph ride. I'm working on not dropping on their 24mph ride but not there yet. I've done the 24 on carbon fiber bikes and had no problem keeping pace. To me, the CF (carbon fiber) bikes just go much faster with similar effort. The aluminum S.E. seems to just slog along. In a nutshell, on CF the bike carries me forward. On aluminum, I have to pull the bike along. Now back to the Secteur Elite. I just did my first century on it (to celebrate my 48th bday!) and it performed great! Not terrific, mind you, just great. The last third of the century was solid hills and the aluminum frame was sluggish. Trying to spin up hills in the saddle, even with the SRAM Apex compact gearing, was difficult. I've ridden carbon bikes over similar terrain (altho not a century) and they respond beautifully to climbing, almost pulling me up the hill. I believe I would've had a better time on those hills with a CF bike. Not so with my trusty S.E. I had to pull her up the hills which toasted my legs. Regardless, it's an excellent entry level road bike for those unsure of their road riding ability or how much they'll get into it. But if you've been riding decent non-road bikes for years then skip aluminum and go carbon, titanium or steel. Each excels beyond aluminum in different ways. I still give the 2010 Secteur Elite 4 of 5 stars because it deserves it. Great bike!!!

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by jimmie jaspar parks

Date Reviewed: June 4, 2012

Strengths:    The pricing and the VALUE SUPERIORITY. Strong stiff light and rides smoothly. It really is responsive to road conditions.... Rough or Finely paved, U ride and race like a PROFESSIONAL on the 2010 Secteur Elite by SPECIALIZED.

Weaknesses:    It really doesn't have many weaknesses. Maybe a bit more comfort needed on SADDLE or I need a jersey shorets upgrade.

Bottom Line:   
I had owned several road bikes. I like the hybrid of aluminum and carbon fiber on it. For the price I paid this bicycle can race against other cyclists and bicycles that are over three times the amount of my 2010 Specialized Secteur Elite. It sprints like a supercharged Ferrari and paces in any peloton I spent nearly a decade racing in centuries or criteriums I was in. I write from past experiences. I agree with all the praises I had read from the previous reviewers and owners. The standard saddle that came with my bike is a bit stiff, but I believe I am toughandstrong enough to tolerate it. All in...ALL I do love my bike and I hope to God I can keep it as long as I could with my upgraded BONTRAGER RACELITES WHEELSETS. It wicked fast and climbs like a chopper hovering to the heavens.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Patrick a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: March 4, 2012

Strengths:    Weight, ease in climbing, smooth shifting, comfortable after long rides

Weaknesses:    None yet

Bottom Line:   
This is my first road bike, my other ride is a recumbent Catrike 700R. I found the transition to road biking to be smoother than expected thanks to this bike. Just rode 34 miles in an event, and it seems well suited for charity, recreational and other social rides. Comfortable geometry and smooth descents. I have it set to be more upright now, but can adjust the head tube to be more aero in the future. The biggest plus is that I feel quick yet don't get sore after hours of riding.

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Price Paid:    $1050.00

Purchased At:   Capital Bicycle, Ann

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