Specialized Secteur Road Bike

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Specialized's Secteur Compact has a nice A1 Premium aluminum frame with an ideal body-friendly riding position to keep you feeling fresh mile after...

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Secteur maximum tire size? (28mm)

Will 28mm tire or 25mm tire with 23mm wide rims? Some tires are wider than tall, some taller than wide, I'm asking including height to front/ rear.Read More »

Secteur BB Question

Im looking to upgrade the shimano 2300 components that came on my sectuer. I plan on using this as a learning experience as to how bike components are installed and tuned. Now the bike came with a un55 BB, this much I know. The question is, since I am buying a complete groupset, which type BB d ... Read More »

Looking for Replacement fork for Specialized Secteur Comp Apex

Hey guys, New to biking, only have a year in. In february I was hit by a car and the fork on my bike retained a crack near the top. I spoke with the LBS in NYC, Bicycle Habitat, and they're telling me that Specialized doesn't make my fork anymore, and that it's a proprietary fork, and that not jus ... Read More »

Helllo All, please take a look at my bike for sale. Specialized Secteur Elite Apex

Hey, I ve been doing tri's for about ten years and this year my back has put a kabosh to it. right now I am in physical therapy and know that it is going to be awhile before I can even run again. So, take a look at my bike! I would love to sell it, especially while I am not working for the next ... Read More »

Opinon on Specialized Secteur Sport Compact

Hi All, First post from a newbie. This is a great forum. Glad I found it. I am planning on commuting about 10 miles each way and would need to put a rack and pannier(sp?) and possibly fenders. I was initially towards the Allez but the the LBS recommended this bike since we cannot add the rack pa ... Read More »

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