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Specialized's Secteur Compact has a nice A1 Premium aluminum frame with an ideal body-friendly riding position to keep you feeling fresh mile after...

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2011 Specialized Secteur Elite COmpact needs brifter drivetrain upgrade

My almost four year old 2011 Specialized Secteur Elite Compact needs shifter drivetrain upgrade. I've been riding 3 to 4 times per week anywhere from 20 to 45 mile rides since I bought it and love the bike, but really wish that I'd bought at least 105 gruppo because the external shifter cables on b ... Read More »

Specialized Secteur VS Giant Defy 5

Hello all. Need some help purchasing my first road bike. I'll be using it for commuting daily here in nyc and for longer leisure/distance rides on weekends. I've tested both the secteur and the Defy 5 and while they were in very different areas (secteur in a hilly busy area, the defy 5 on a flat i ... Read More »

stick with 2013 secteur elite, or upgrade to 2014 roubaix sora disc??

So i have a 2013 secteur elite, that i really like, it has only about 300km on it, still has the plastic on the handlebar wrap. it has developed a creek click in the front somewhere so i brought it to my LBS, and they are working on it. in the mean time, i borrows a 2014 roubaix sora disc, while min ... Read More »

?? SCOTT Speedster 30 vs Specialized Secteur Sport

Hello all! So, I've been researching my new bike purchase for about a year - and I'm down to two choices. The information on Road Bikes Review has been amazing - and I'm thankful for this community. I'm pinched between a 2013 Scott Speedster 30 and a 2014 Specialized Secteur Sport. Sadly, they ... Read More »

Tricross vs. Secteur

I am shopping for a new bike... nothing too fancy, just something for some fitness and maybe some group/charity rides. I am currently looking at the tricross and the secteur because I'd like discs. Some of my rides may include some dirt paths or gravel roads, so I want something that can handle th ... Read More »

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