Stevens Ghisallo Road Bike

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A thoroughbred racing machine down to the tinyest detail. Riding in the Ghisallo's saddle "passion" has nothing to do with "suffering" as in its original meaning. Because in addition to top components we provided the Ghisallo with a geometry that due to the taller steerer tube offers a relaxed seating position even for the longest distances. Also because the 3x10 speed drivetrain lets you pedal along easily when there's hours of climbing Alpine passes ahead of you.

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What ever happened to Bicycles Ghisallo?

Or AKA [url][/url].Read More »

WTB: Litespeed Ghisallo Small

I have been trying to find a size Small Litespeed Ghisallo Frame. I was told that they are no longer in production. Does anyone know of any local bike stores or online distributors which might still have one lying around. Thanks Mark [email][/email]Read More »

Ghisallo Wood Rims?

Has anyone ever seen or had a set of Ghisallo wood rims? I am thinking about trying a pair to put on Bamboo fixie? Thoughts? [url][/url]Read More »

2009 Bell Ghisallo vs 2010 Bell Sweep

Just received my Bell Sweep as a crash replacement today. I went with white because I decided it would not hurt to be that much more visible. Both helmets are similar in weight (340g claimed, not actual). Upon first inspection, you get more surface area in the padding with the Ghisallo when compar ... Read More »

Bell Ghisallo saved my head.... Smith Pivlock sliced my face....

[FONT=Verdana]I was in a group ride yesterday. I looked back for a friend, while another friend in front of me slowed down abruptly. When I turned to look ahead, I was about to collide into him. I didn't want to swerve into traffic so my first instinct was to brake hard. I braked so hard that I ... Read More »

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