Time RX Instinct Road Bike

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Product Description

"Frameset" Includes frame, fork, headset and one Time carbon bottle cage. The RX Instinct employs a comfortable geometry and a compliant ride without making major sacrifices in performance, and of course offers the same high attention to detail and lifetime warranty that comes with every Time frame. You'll appreciate the "Ergodrive" positioning of your upper body, slightly raising the handlebar position. This is a welcome improvement for any long-distance riders or anyone looking to optimize back comfort. Meticulously hand made by artisans in Europe, each tube has been optimized for performance and aerodynamics resulting in a SCx (product of frontal surface by air penetration coefficient) among the most favorable in the industry. This frame is the result of the best, most cutting-edge carbon manufacturing techniques of the cycling world. Time's Resin Transfer molding manufacturing process produces a frame that is absolutely flawless inside and out! Their frames have been optimized down to the smallest details; Time employs their special in-house carbon design and manufacturing in constructing even the smallest parts out of full carbon: bottom bracket shell, one-piece fork, fork dropouts, stem with CMT insert, and even bottle cage bolts are all produced by Time's factories in Europe.

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