Trek Madone 7.7 Road Bike

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Trek Madone 7.9 or Trek Émonda SLR 10 for the Tour de France ??

Hi, now that Trek have the [URL=""]Madone 7.9[/URL] or the [URL=""]Émonda SLR 10[/URL], which one will pro-riders that use Trek in the Tou ... Read More »

Trek Madone 7 2014 Stability

Hi guys, I just get myself Trek Madone 7 2014 with SRAM Red 22. I upgraded all the parts except the wheels I changed them to Zipp 303 Firecrest front and 404 Firecrest rear. I love the bike and I think it's the best all-around bike I've ever had. One thing I have issue with is I find it hard to ri ... Read More »

Trek Madone 7 Series Rear Brake Rub

Just purchased a trek madone 7 series with the integrated ultegra brakes. i am having an issue with rear brake rub especially when climbing either in the saddle or out (much worst when out of the saddle). There is a good 1.5MM of clearance between the rims and the brakepads. I am running some zipp 3 ... Read More »

Trek noob...which Madone 7 is this?

Hi Everyone, I’m not exactly new to road biking, but am new to the world of high end bikes and Treks model names. I've been looking at upgrading to a bike under $1500, so I just recently bought a used Madone from a friend of a friend on a different friend’s recommendation who said it was a steal. ... Read More »

2013 Trek Madone 7 series poblems??

Hello Trek experts, I am seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on a second hand 2013 Madone 7 with 7900 DA Di2, problem is I have heard there may of been problems with this model, front brakes and rear wheel rubbing on frame. Anybody have one that can shed some light on this subject? Th ... Read More »

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