unknown XLC MTB/Touring-system-Pedal PD-S04 Road Bike

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XLC MTB/Touring-system-Pedal PD-S04

Double sided clipless pedal. SPD cleat system. Cleats included. CroMo CNC axle, sealed bearing. Detente tension adjust.

I bought these for recreational road bikes, Schwinn 564, and Trek 1500. Use them with Bontrager Street shoes. An efficient, riding package that will get the recreational road bike rider into a clipless pedal without breaking the bank.

My primary motive for this conversion was to address knee issues and "float" in pedals. I've been getting knee pain from riding clips/toe straps.

$50 for the pedals, cleats included. $100 for the shoes. This solves my knee problems. The pedals are seemingly well designed, nice fit/finish. They're reasonably compact, not "clunky" for a road bike application.

Detente settings for tension -- quick, simple, accurate. The release works set "loose" but I'm accustomed to being "tied in" and set them fairly stiff. They work well in both setting modes.

I'm not an aggressive rider, 63 and doing 40 mile rides at 15 mph. I have no idea how these pedals would work on a mountain bike, over rugged terrain, jumps, bumps, humps.

For me this is a solution to float and knee problems, utilitarian fix for a recreational rider. Good value, good design.

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