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All of the GranTurismo experience flows in its soul. Other than for the most extreme racers, this is the single most beloved frameset of all. In its second life, GTR inherits Granturismo’s carbon fiber composite and acquires a renewed tapered head tube. Internal cable routing has been revolutionized making assembling the frame easier. Thanks to the Smooth Rear Design system, it continues to boast the same comfort where vertical vibrations are dampened without dissipating muscle power.

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28mm on GT GTR?

I have a 2013 GT GTR 4 - want to order 28mm but not sure they will fit, and I can't return them easily (Canada - US thing). Anyone running 28mm on a GT GTR 3-5?Read More »

Wilier GTR UK release date/price ?

[COLOR=#333333]Hi guys i have noticed that wilier have released the new GTR i was just wondering if anyone has any info on the UK release date and possibly the prices they gonna be? All i know that there are 3 different group-sets coming out at different prices.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Thanks[/COL ... Read More »

new Wilier GTR: Fulcrum "Racing Sport" wheels ?

The standard wheels on the new 2014 GTR (shimano and sram versions) are apparently a Fulcrum Racing Sport, see Details section on: [url=http://www.wilier.it/en/products/road-bike/gtr/]GTR, categoria bici: Road Bike | Wilier Triestina[/url] Probably a Wilier specific build of Fulcrum wheels. But does ... Read More »

Can't Decide on Diamondback Airen 4 or GT GTR Series 1

Both of these bikes feel like a great fit. The Airen has a slightly larger stem width compared to the GTR... this being my first road bike I'm not sure if narrower or wider is better. Either way though I figure I can replace the stem down the road if I find it uncomfortable. Anyway, can someone fa ... Read More »

Is the Nissan GTR the most preferred choice for a higly supertuned car?

As I browse Youtube for fast and/or tuned cars, no doubt the GTR will show up. For example, this: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4e3GoxZYIY]The 950 HP Switzer E900 GTR - TUNED - YouTube[/url] says it has 950 hp, quarter mile in 9.7. That's just insane for an aftermarket tune. Now do guys ... Read More »

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