Zinn Fassa Road Bike

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Magnesium is 2/3 the weight per unit volume of aluminum, less than half that of titanium and under a quarter that of steel. The AZ61 (Mg-6Al-1Zn) magnesium alloy we use combines low density with high strength and superb vibration-damping characteristics. That means, when mated with the Z-Pro full-carbon fork Lennard Zinn co-developed with Alpha Q, you get a comfortable, responsive, and long-lasting custom road bike. There is no better option for a tall cyclist who wants a fast, lightweight bike that really fits. We have tested carbon fiber and aluminum bikes under some very big guys and magnesium has proven to be a much more durable and better performing material for a big and tall bike. Check our materials page to compare a magnesium bicycle with other materials.

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