Zinn Mortirolo Road Bike

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When you buy a Zinn bicycle, you expect that legendary Zinn performance combining stability and nimbleness with a perfect custom fit. What will surprise you about the Mortirolo Magnesium bike is its incredibly smooth, forgiving, comfortable ride, even on rough asphalt or dirt roads. Yet the torsional and lateral stiffness and low weight of our oversized and elegantly shaped tubes means that the bike leaps forward with your every pedal stroke. Magnesium is 2/3 the weight per unit volume of aluminum, less than half that of titanium and under a quarter that of steel. The AZ61 (Mg-6Al-1Zn) magnesium alloy we use combines low density with high strength and superb vibration-damping characteristics. That means, when mated with a full-carbon fork, you get a comfortable, responsive, and long-lasting machine. It’s beauty and perfect fit to your body round it out to make the perfect bike.

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VIDEO: Valtellina Extreme Brevet;Stambecco level:345km+8998 m:Mortirolo,Gavia,Stelvio

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Wilier Mortirolo

Just a quick question that someone might be able to help me out with. I'm interested in the Mortirolo with 105 and can get it locally for $2600 CAD or on my next trip to the UK for closer to $1950 CAD. I should be able to dial in the fit at either store but would much prefer to buy locally; real ... Read More »

Mortirolo or Izoard?

Anyone ridden both? Is the Izoard worth the extra money? I'm talking framesets. As you may have noticed, I'm having this conversation in multiple places. Apologies. Just looking for some help.Read More »

Short Wilier Mortirolo Review

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Wilier Mortirolo as "Comfort" bike?

I'm (optimistically) planning a new road bike and have long been thinking that a Specialised Roubaix would fit the bill from a comfort perspective, both in terms of quality of ride and geometry - I'm a 55 year old newbie recreational/club rider who plans to participate in races from time to time, wi ... Read More »

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